Omicron in the United States of America

Despite the most stringent anticoid measures introduced, the number of new cases in the United States of America is not decreasing, and in some states it is even growing rapidly. And this is despite the fact that all military personnel, firefighters, police officers and other employees of city services were obliged to be vaccinated under the threat of losing their jobs. For example, in Chicago, police officers who refused to provide data on vaccinations were sent on unpaid leave.
Such strict measures were introduced even before the appearance of the new coronavirus stamp. As everyone knows, the COVID-19 stamp Omicron was recently discovered in South Africa. But unfortunately Omicron has already been seen on the territory of other states.

The call for the need for vaccination does not stop for a minute, for example, recently the mayor of New York spoke about the need for compulsory vaccination, also noting the positive rates of vaccination among firefighters. Also, world-class pop and sports stars, such as footballer David Beckham and popular singer Billie Eilish, have repeatedly made a similar appeal.

All this leads the Americans, as well as, in principle, the inhabitants of the entire planet, to think about tightening measures, including a possible new lockdown.

It is becoming more and more difficult to visit such places of leisure that are familiar to us, such as cafes and restaurants, cinemas, bowling clubs and much more.

But there are also more difficult questions. Residents of the United States are more likely to own firearms that are necessary for self-defense and to protect their homes. Accordingly, owners need continuous training, primarily for their own safety. But due to the unstable situation, visiting shooting ranges and training ranges is not always possible, which is probably why sales of shooting simulators and full-fledged virtual shooting ranges, as well as the software necessary for their functioning, have increased.

We just have to wait for the end of the pandemic and a return to the usual rhythm of life, not complicated by vaccinations, protective masks and communication at a safe distance.


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