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Over the past month, the entire world community has been following developments on the territory of Ukraine. News agencies constantly report new casualties as a result of airstrikes and artillery shelling of residential sectors. More and more sanctions are coming to Russia like a snow avalanche. Global companies are halting their activities in the territory of the attacking side. To date, such brands as BMW, Audi, IBM, Apple and many others have suspended their commercial activities in Russia.

And because of all this terrible situation in Ukraine, the whole world has forgotten that just a month and a half ago people were worried sick about the coronavirus infection and its endless mutations, and the emergence of new stamps. I decided to look into it all, and I was surprised, to say the least, by what I saw.

Take the United States of America, for example. As recently as January 2022, the U.S. government was sounding the alarm about the millions infected and the simply horrifying death toll. I remember Joe Biden fending off the press, explaining that he would not allow another lockdown and would save the country's economy. And what about now, the external enemy in the form of Russia turned out to be far more helpful than all the vaccines put together and practically cured everyone. Now there is a huge drop in the incidence of disease, you can see it well from the statistics.

But the Russian Federation has not gone far either, most recently at the end of December 2021, anti-vaccine restrictions drove ordinary residents almost insane, forcing them to refuse to go to public places. The data on the victims provided to the public did not promise anything but another lockdown. And what now, a similar situation - a drop in the incidence of disease and the lifting of most of the anti-code restrictions.

Saudi Arabia is lifting the anti-covids restrictions after the rest of the world.

Am I the only one who finds something strange here? What other mystique is there? Some kind of fantasy game of shooting zombies in a virtual shooting range... What is going on anyway? Where to look for the truth?

Only China reported an increase in the disease in March, setting a new anti-record for its country. So on March 18, 2022, 2,228 new cases of the coronavirus were recorded in China.

Now all we can do is wonder where these viruses really come from. And forgive me, but there is more than enough food for thought...


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